How can the individual benefits of migration translate into societal benefits for the regions people leave behind? PREMIUM_EU seeks to find out and offer tailor-made policies that counter migration patterns which harm vulnerable regions.

Our goal

Mobility – Regional Development – Policy Recommendations

The lengthy acronym outlines the goal concisely: “Policy REcommendations to Maximise the beneficial Impact of Unexplored Mobilities in and beyond the European Union”.

People are no longer bound to their birthplaces and are instead choosing to move to other parts of the world in search of better opportunities. In Europe, this has led to a phenomenon known as brain drain, where highly skilled workers leave their home regions in search of better jobs and quality of life. This has left behind areas of Europe that are struggling to maintain their population and attract new talent.

PREMIUM_EU is a project that seeks to enlighten and find alternative ways to turn this imbalance around.

Migration motivations

First, PREMIUM_EU sets out to explore why people move, where they move, and what makes them stay and settle. The opening milestone of the project, the Mobility Module, will collect unique data from social media to help us gain insight into key drivers of migration flows.

Left-behind regions

Second step in the project, is a closer look at the regions. Both the regions which people move away from and the ones they flock to. The Regional Development Effects Module will identify the spatial effects of mobility on the economic, social, and environmental conditions of both sending and receiving regions.

Future-proofing migration policies

PREMIUM_EU will culminate in an evidence-based catalogue of regional policy alternatives for turning the individual benefits of mobility into societal benefits. The Regional Policy Module and Dashboard will help policymakers design policies that benefit both migrants and host communities, promoting inclusive and sustainable regional development.

How does PREMIUM_EU work?

The project is funded by EU Horizon with a lifespan of three years. Run by ten partner institutions from nine countries PREMIUM_EU employs a multidisciplinary approach that combines social and economic analysis, stakeholder engagement, and policy development.