Next consortium meeting in Krakow

2023 October 05

Every half year all the project partners check in to take the temperature on PREMIUM_EU's research developments and strategic direction. This time the group will meet in Kraków in October.

A lot has happened since the project kick-off in March in Utrecht. Analysis on the role of migration on regional development is steadily progressing. Case studies are particularly zeroed in on Turkey, and a working paper is in development.

A collaborative program

This second consortium in Kraków will take on the sizeable lessons from the SHERPA project (Rural Science Society Policy Interfaces), more specifically from the regional MAPS (multi-actor platforms). SHERPA relies on the MAPS networks of rural interfaces to achieve its overall objectives of gathering relevant knowledge and opinions that contribute to the formulation of recommendations for future policies relevant to rural areas in the European Union. This is why the MAPS are also relevant to PREMIUM_EU.

MAPS can provide key insights and collaborate in ways that are crucial for building a bridge between research and policy recommendations.


Kraków culture and perspectives

The rich history and sprawling culture scene of Kraków is an integrated part of an already organisational and learning-laden agenda. The consortium will explore the Manggha Museum, meet at the Multicultural Centre at discuss economic and forced migrants in Krakow, and visit the Jewish quarter.

Most of the meeting will be hosted by Kraków University of Economics, by our local consortium members Jan Brzozowski and Konrad Pedziwiatr.


Annual event tied to next meeting

The third consortium meeting will be held in the spring of 2024. The location as well as announcement of the project's first annual event is coming soon.