First annual event: Meet PREMIUM_EU

2024 February 26

How can the individual benefits of migration translate into societal benefits for the left-behind regions?

Join us at the PREMIUM_EU project's first annual event.  We will introduce our methodology and reveal the first projected results of our research.


09:30-9:45     Introduction to PREMIUM_EU – Leo van Wissen and Anne Katrine

  • Background: Can mobility foster regional development?

  • Goal: From migration research to policy action in left-behind regions

  • Team: The partners behind the project

09:45-10:10    The Human Migration Database – leveraging social media and novel data sources - Maciej J. Danko and Jisu Kim

10:10-10:30     Regional Development – The impact of migration policies – Peter Meister-Broekema

10:30-10:50     Migration flows by age and education attainment – Dr. Dilek Yildiz and Leo van Wissen

10:50-11:00     Break

11:00-12:00     Panel discussion – Will migration fuel a better future for left-behind regions? Moderator and panelists TBA


Register for the event here