PREMIUM establishes a partnership with the MOBI-TWIN project

2024 January 16

PREMIUM has begun a partnership with the MOBI-TWIN project, starting off 2024 with an even more cooperative approach to understanding the challenges and opportunities of spatial mobility in Europe. This collaboration aligns PREMIUM's focus on regional impacts of mobility and policy opportunities with MOBI-TWIN's broader sustainable and digital perspectives.

What is MOBI-TWIN?

MOBI for mobility, TWIN for the twin transitions; 1. digitization of societies and 2. greening of national economies. MOBI-TWIN explores the concept of "regional attractiveness" under these parallel transitions and how these changes affect human mobility, paying special attention to the impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit on the freedom of movement.. The project will combine advanced data and computer modelling techniques to move forward, to create corresponding policies that promote balance and inclusivity. The MOBI-TWIN consortium consists of 9 partners and the project is coordinated by White Research.


How are the projects different?

MOBI-TWIN is another Horizon-funded project. Where our PREMIUM_EU project focuses on the benefits of migration, particularly by focusing on vulnerable, left-behind regions, MOBI-TWIN looks more broadly at how traditional migration drivers are changing in the wake of an increasingly digital and green labour market. Both projects dive into big data pools and aim to seek out alternatives for decision-makers who struggle in regions already fraught with rapid demographic changes.

At PREMIUM_EU we strive to find policy solutions that help both migrants and the places they leave behind, underlining the positive opportunities that come with spatial mobility. MOBI-TWIN endeavors to develop strategies that synthesize the benefits of sustainable and digital growth with the flows of human mobility in Europe.


A win-win partnership

The partnership between these two ambitious projects will enhance the understanding of spatial mobility, driving policy development and supporting regional growth across the EU. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive approach to analyzing and addressing the challenges and opportunities of spatial mobility, combining expertise to foster sustainable development and maximize regional benefits.


Learn more about the MOBI-TWIN project on their WEBSITE and LINKED-IN, and stay tuned for more updates on the collaboration!